Premium WordPress Cloud Hosting Platform for modern businesses.

WordPress hosting platform A Next-Generation cloud hosting Simplified and Automated for website Designers and Developers Optimized for blogging and eCommerce projects.

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Click Live Automation

Deploy your customers directly into a trial WordPressinstall with your theme and plugins configured and ready to go


Containerized Cloud Hosting

No technical knowledge required,lightweight, stand-alone, package of software that includes everything needed to run it in a cloud environment.


Crafted for blogging and eCommerce projects

Fully-managed solution, you don’t need to think of your blog and online store infrastructure, from small business to enterprise level.

Pay-As-You-Go billing

Never pay for resources that have not been used No restriction, no capping on page views or visitors’ limits. No matter the size of your project we’ve got you covered. How would you feel if your utility Company pre-cap your bills for you? Why not the Cloud? We help you save money when there is no traffic and pay for ONLY resources you actually used when your site attracts more leads. It means our platform auto-scale your projects.

Speed is Everything

Get better SEO Ranking (Google IaaS + Cloudflare =webgridglobal platform)

Google Cloud Platform

Rock Solid Infrastructure, performance with cloud industry best pricing.

World Best CDN providers

Cloudflare/Google CDN, Over25 Tbps Capacity and 165 Data Center Global Footprint.



Google Cloud DNS/Cloudflare DNS-The best you ever imagined

Lightweight environment that take up less space than VMs and are more efficient.


Why choose Webgridglobal Platform?

Containerized Cloud. No technical knowledge required

Simple Solution

It’s a next generation experience, ahead of its time, simply beyond managed solution.

Performance and Security

Crafted for small business agility and enterprise enabled performance and security

Unlimited Migration

Free unlimited migration, whether one or hundreds of sites, we migrate all for free.

Premium Theme & Plugin

Get WordPress themes and plugins all for free, yes heard right! You can even setup web agency with our free themes and plugins worth thousands of dollars

Free SSL Setup

Integrations-We care of your CDN and SSL setup free of charge.


We support multi-site and Community sites

Compare Us


  • Cloud Provider
  • CDN Provider
  • DNS Provider
  • Network
  • Web Server
  • Caching
  • Security

  • Pricing Type
  • Price
  • Features Pricing

  • Automated Tasks

  • Flexibility


  • Google Cloud
  • Google / Cloudflare CDN
  • Google / Cloudflare DNS
  • Google / Cloudflare Premium Network
  • Litespeed Enterprise
  • Litespeed Enterprise
  • closed network infrastructure using open-source and commercial security
  • fully pay-as-you-go
  • cheaper compared to any other high-end WordPress hosting
  • no plans or upgrades, everything is included

  • moving to HTTPS, email integration, changing the primary domain and more
  • no plans, upgrades or tricky limits​


  • cheap cloud VPS provider and only a few use GCP or AWS.
  • MaxCDN, KeyCDN
  • standard DNS and only a few use enterprise DNS e.g Route 53
  • public routing
  • Apache/Nginx
  • Nginx/Varnish
  • open networks infrastructure using basic open-source security

  • plan-based billing
  • more expensive compared to pay-as-you-go
  • features are subject to fee or plans differ e.g CDN, staging environment
  • zero

  • plans are inflexible, limited to any segment and upgrading is costly

Helpful Features

Everything needed to launch quickly and maintain complete control.

1-Click Deployments

Manage your workflow with ease. Rapidly deploy staging sites and get your next project started and built faster than ever.


Web Application Firewall tuned on to blocks over requests. Real-time malware detection protection. Cloudflare and Google, you can’t ask for more.

Complete File Access

Retain ownership and control over all files with SFTP access, file explorer/editor and built-in terminal.


Server-side caching will decrease page load times by rapidly serving cached pages to your visitors of your website.

WordPress Optimized

Boost performance of WordPress and woocommerce sites like no other in the standard hosting Industry.

Backups & Restore

1-click On-demand server-side backup and restore options built-in. Your favorite WordPress backup plugin can also be used.

Automatic Updates

Our platform handles all of your WordPress core software and security updates automatically, no need to worry.

Custom Domains

Connect your own domain. Create custom domain routes to ensure site reachability. You can also buy from us.

Clone to New Site

Setup a starting point for new projects. Clone and deploy entire WordPress installs to new containers

Join pre-launch access.

Be the first to know and access our premium service and enjoy 20% discount on our solution.


Have a question that isn’t listed? Contact a human.

What is a containerized hosting?

A container is a lightweight, stand-alone, collection of software that packages code and dependencies together. They deploy instantly and provide a secure enclosed environment that take up less space than VMs and are more portable and efficient.

What is fully managed hosting?

Simply put, we take care of everything server related so you can focus on your product. We have gone a bit further to setup your wordpress, DNS,CDN so the only thing you do install your code.

How does pay-you-go works?

Very simple,We collect and aggregate your usage by segments (e.g., CPU, Memory, Bandwidth) and then you pay for each as you used. If all of your sites used 37.5GB CDN, we would charge you 37.5 * 0.08 = $3. At the end of the  month,we send you your bill to effect.

What makes your hosting different?

Our Hosting is powered by Google Cloud Platform, Docker, and Litespeed, the best conbination of everything you need in cloud hosting,Infrustracture,speed. and bes of all we charge you ONLY resources you actually use.

Do you provide themes and plugins for clients?

Yes, we provide you with premium theme and plugins to use.Themes from beaver and plugins from wpmudev to use free of charge, that’s the difference of our offereings.

What about security?

Containers isolate applications from one another and from the underlying infrastructure. This limits application issues to a single container instead of the entire server environment. Site containers are secured with a robust set of encryption and security implementations.